Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Spirited Away Critique

1)The Western literature elements in Spirited Away do make the story much more enjoyable, because people from the Western culture can relate it to past childhood books and stories. I honestly don't think the fact that they appear in a Japanese film make them some kind of alien concept, because the lore has the same main concepts just a different type of narration. The story itself is easy to follow, I don't know if it was the fact that the familiar elements that were incorporated, but with many movies, it is fairly easy to understand what is happening in them and the symbolism because the most movie makers want the general population to understand the messages.

2)I strongly agree with the statement that spiritual development is part of the solution to environmental crises. People who are struggling often look to some outside force that could help them and give them peace, because that's what people want during time of crises. People often become more spiritual in darker times, when things go wrong or when people die because that way they can believe that everything is happening for a reason, that on some other level there will never be anything terrible. This question also says that film suggests that the world of the spirits is necessary to help us live in the everyday world, and the reason they suggest this is because they know that the majority of everyone believes in some kind of spiritualism and they would be able to think deeply about this movie.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Game Reflection

Megan Mazur
Black Lives Matter Memory Game
Done On Adobe Flash
May 8, 2015

For this project I used the program, Flash Professional, for the first time and used Photoshop. Not much new technical things were used, I only really cropped photos and imported them.
The idea I had with my game is that you are playing the cop and cops are 'good' people, but in this game the victims are real life people who have died from police force. My idea didn't really change, since this is a huge social injustice that is happening right now and it is something I feel very strong about.
The artist that actually drew the picture that I used had a huge influence on my project because the pictures they drew of these individuals made them seem like a loving family, a big group of people (the original photo has 11 people in it), two small children, young lives and people who's death should never have happened, that was my biggest influence, the fact that people are being discriminated and at times the media is giving you the wrong side of the story.
The main motivation behind this work is that I want people to know that these people who are in my game have helped start a nation wide outcry, that right now there are protests for these souls, that these people had no justice given to them and I want people to realize just how easily they are making the situation worst, because saying it doesn't matter isn't going to make any change, in fact people who say that are stopping change from happening because they are blind to other people rights and needs.

Link To Black Lives Matter Memory Game


Monday, 20 April 2015

Toy Hack Reflection

If the toy that was created were to be sold, the sole purpose could be that it can hold things in the little box. The toy is still really cute, the bear looks adorable in it's pink overalls. It would be a perfect little jewelry box for younger kids, since kids often break things, and the bear is soft and unbreakable.

The thing I like most about this toy is that once I put the overalls on the bear it forced the bear to sit. A sitting bear makes it easier for the box to be held. I like that I was able to keep everything one colour, for me it would be strange if the bears hat, overalls, and box were each a different colour.

What I hate most this toy is how simple it is. I didn't really change anything to the actual structure of any of the toys, just using accessories to dress up the bear. I didn't really try to be creative in this project and it shows and I just really dislike that.

If I could redo this project I do something completely different. I would try to actually mix toys and have a better purpose. The toy would probably be nothing like the one I handed in, but I would probably try to still make it cute and not creepy.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Beginning From the Middle

Art Movie Brainstorming

Favourite Scenes 
Dead men don't wear plaid- Steven Martin coming up the stairs and when he goes on the train
Metropolis- the images of the building and the building going up in smoke
Potemkin- the bodies of people on the stairs.

Idea for Art Movie
The idea that I have is basically the man on the train is flashing through parts of his life. There won't be images of people per say, instead they will imagines that will express emotion or make an impression. I will try to make the images black and white if that's something that's possible. Some images will be some what brighter or clearer and that will stress their importance to the man. What I want it to look like is very much a man having his life flash before his eyes, because he is going to die. It won't be shown at the end, instead I want to leave the ending to be just the exploding building or something dramatic and leaves the viewer wondering what all happened.